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Natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina in Mississippi and Louisiana or the Mississippi river floods in the south east can cause severe devastation and leave property owners desperate to find immediate action.  In this confusing and chaotic state, it is easy to be misled or make poor choices when selecting a qualified and licensed mover.  Whether the structure needs to be elevated, repaired or relocated to another site, the selection of the mover is critical to the overall success and timeliness of the project. It is important that proper due diligence is performed.  And, as one might  expect, local, state and national governments are bogged down attempting to determine rules and methods for aiding local residents and businesses.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Structural Mover



  • Does the moving company have insurance that includes general liability, workman’s comp, and cargo? What dollar amounts / limits do these policies cover? A certificate of insurance should be requested and received with the bids and a copy of a state contractors license should also be requested.
  • Does the moving company have a written safety policy and good safety record?
  • How long has the business been operating? Is the company a recent start up or a well-established mover?
  • Does the company you are considering have experience with the type of structure you need moved? Can the company show you examples of similar type work performed?
  • What is the size of the mover’s average project?  Does your project fit the company’s expertise?
  • Does the company have the necessary equipment readily available to do your job or will they be renting part of the equipment?
  • Can the company provide you with recent references?
  • Is the company a current member of any trade group such as the International Association of Structural Movers?
  • Can the company provide you a detailed contract outlining both parties’ obligations before work begins?
  • Can the mover give you a written time horizon for when the work will actually begin and be completed?
  • Does the mover need to be licensed in your area? If so, request a current copy of the required license.
  • Would the mover be employing any sub-contractors on your job? If yes a certificate of insurance should be requested and received prior to any work commencing.
  • Would the company you are considering be willing to schedule a site visit to see the company’s working operations?