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Kosciusko House Movers were Hired to fix the Swetman House.

The O.G. Swetman Home, the Victorian Colonial Revival home of Chevis and Marcia Swetman, was built by Chevis’s grandfather, O.G. Swetman, president and chief executive officer of the People’s Bank from 1951-1963, along Biloxi’s beachfront in 1905. Designed by W.T. Harkness, it was built for $3000, with brickwork by John Eistetter & Son.


Tupelo’s Spain House Move from Outer Space

While it happened almost a year ago, you can still see how the Spain House in Tupelo was moved thanks to Google Maps.  The satellite image was made by Digital Globe, Inc. some time in late 2012.   The Daily Journal reported in this linked story that the house was moved in three portions, all of which can be seen in the satellite photo.  If you observed the house in this configuration do you remember what day this might have been?